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Smitty Buckler                                               

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     Work Experience:

10/2018 to 11/2019: CFAR CAB Manager
The UW/Fred Hutch Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Community Action Board (CAB) is a group of key stakeholders from our community who serve in an advisory capacity, providing a community perspective on important issues in HIV/AIDS research. The CFAR CAB’s mission is to encourage communication and to build trustworthy collaborations between UW CFAR researchers and community members and community-based organizations to enhance local, national, and international prevention, treatment, and education activities. Specific goals of the CAB: Make HIV/STD research more transparent and useful by engaging CAB members to help develop improved and targeted information dissemination to the community. Use CAB activities to help CFAR affiliates and researchers learn about local community organizations, concerns, activities and opportunities for collaboration. Communicate CFAR services to communities and identify important research topics to ensure community relevancy and collaboration.

08/2018 to 06/2019: Program Study Administrator, Collaborative Grant – CFAR SWG, Rad Care, Lifelong AIDS Alliance
Oversee and support the main Research Study Coordinator. Mentor and develop skills of mentee to create and implement a review of programming and services access and barriers specific to Trans Women and HIV in King County and Western Washington.

11/2017 to 10/2019: Research Coordinator 1;
UW Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Supports study operations and participants. Attend and assist in conduct of formative work and focus groups to develop study interventions. Assist in developing study materials, including recruitment and educational materials. Assist in the development of research protocols, data collection methods protocols and strategies for data management.

2018: Consult on CAB for DSHB Trans Women and HIV Study
Seattle King County Public Health
Paid advisory role for DSHB study on trans women and HIV. The CAB is advising on study and outreach materials.

On call: AV Tech/Grips;
Various including IATSE Local 15,  Velocity and On The Boards (Seattle, WA):
Lighting and Sound Tech, program and run sound and lights for full productions. Additionally, I have experience doing a variety of other production duties including Stage Hand and Stage/Box Manager as well as documentary videography.

10/16 to 10/17: Omsbudperson/ARAO Coordinator; SWOP USA (National)
Help implement and fine tune our national and chapter grievance policies. Managing grievance form. Respond to community complaints and concerns with support from the board and chapter liaisons. Tracking concerns, feedback and grievances to share at monthly board meetings, and offer recommendations to improve SWOP grievance process. Provide emotional support to Chapter Organizers, Board Member and fellow Staff. Highlights: Created framework for new Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression module via a recruited Community Advisory Board. Created an online module for formulation and implementation of workshop.

06/15 to 11/17: Recruitment Specialist, Fred Hutch (Seattle, WA)
On-call. Outreach and recruit participants for groundbreaking HIV vaccine studies. Recruitment occurs in local venues that may include street locations, community events, community based organizations, public clinics as well as bars, dance clubs, and sex clubs. Recruitment efforts target diverse populations. Some admin, data entry and management.

1/2015 to 5/2016: HIV & STI Tester/Phlebotomist and Arts/Communication Coordinator,
Gay City Health Project (Seattle, WA)
Draw blood & fluid for labs, performed Insti HIV p24 antigen & antibody testing, Rapid Hep C antibody, and counseled individuals on safer sex practices, etc. Part of my time was facilitation of the arts program as well as design for web, print and social media communication. Highlights: Recruited an advisory board that was primarily people of color which then curated an arts season that was primarily queer artists of color; created documentation of accessibility for building to be used on website; advocated for the rights of trans individuals, Sex Workers and IV Drug Users accessing testing services.

2012 to 2014: Teacher’s Assistant, Portland State’s Conflict Resolutions Department 
Facilitation, curriculum development for various classes including: Transforming Equities, Methodologies of the Oppressed, Social Liberation Paradigms, Consensus, Conflict Resolution, Liberation Paradigms, and Systems of Dominance. Highlight: Dr.Clott mentored me through developing curriculum in Inclusive Organizing and Gender Decolonization.

2011 to 2014: Graphic Designer and Archives Assistant, PSU CPC (Portland State’s Capital Projects and Construction) (Portland OR)
Updated a public website and an internal website utilizing drupal, php and google sites. Created imagery, design and signage for buildings, remodels and maintenance. This included designing searchable database PDFs of asbestos, abatement and tests done on campus and filming and editing promotional videos as well as creating a front end interface design for a database app.

2011 to 2013: Collective Worker and Entree Chef, Food for Thought Café (Portland State’s Student Activities and Leadership Project)
Collective management of cafe specifically personnel, education and outreach committees and entrees for over one hundred patrons and other cafe shifts/duties as needed. Highlight: I formed a safer space and inclusion committee to address concerns regarding racism, sexism, and classism, diversifying the workforce, inclusion and conflict resolution/mediation.

2011 to 2013: Advocate, YWCA Yolanda’s House (Portland, OR) Staffed shelter’s diverse clientele, processed intakes, answered crisis line, managed interpersonal conflict among residents, assisted clients in accessing resources by assisting them in navigating barriers including language, mental health, and socioeconomic issues.

2010 to 2011: Trans and Interpersonal Violence Resource CoordinatorPSU QRC (Portland, OR)
Mentored, supported LGBTQ students on issues including domestic violence, gender identity, suicide prevention and other crisis management; served as liaison with on and off campus resource and service providers to advocate and support inclusivity for queer and trans students specifically people of color and students with disabilities; organizing student events and workshops (see next page), staffing center and phones lines, PR and marketing, event promotions, project management, budget allocations, hiring, liaison to campus committees, supervised volunteers, etc. Highlights: increased accessibility for people with disabilities at QRC events (ASL interpretation, etc); started the student led Trans Work Group focusing on health care policy change at our campus clinic; and organizing the Trans Day of Remembrance that for the first time was focused on Trans Women of Color and Trans Sex Workers who are most targeted with violence and death.

2013 to current: Personal Assistant, Dennis Feldman (various West Coast)
I recruited and scheduled clients, negotiated contracts, etc for fine arts photography book.

Additional Experience:

Skills Sets:

    • Tech: Program & (usually) operate both lights, sound simultaneously, etc (see more below).
    • Web/Video/Graphic Design: videography, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere), FinalCut Pro, CSS, HTML, Javascript (some), Python (some), database management, WordPress, Drupal, hosting, G Suite/google technologies, Microsoft/Open Office/Libre Suites (see more below).
    • IPV/Conflict Resolution: Facilitation, Harm Reduction, Motivational Interviewing, Consensus, DV advocate, Restorative/Transformative Justice, ARAO (anti-racism/anti-oppression), nonviolent communication, etc. I can offer workshops on all these topics (see more below).
    • Healthcare/Research: Phlebotomy, First Aid/CPR, Medic, HIV/Hep C/STI counseling and testing, Data Analysis, Graphing Data, Qualitative Research/Interviewing.(see more below).

Education Highlights:

    • Bachelors of Science in Liberal Studies Portland State University, 2015)
    • Storytelling Strategies for Dismantling Racism (New Directions Consulting – Seattle 4/20/2017)
    • Phlebotomy Certification (2015-2022)
    • First Aid/ CPR Certification (1996 to current)
    • Principles of HIV 40 hour (UW Global Health Program – Seattle 08/2015)
    • Qualitative Research Skills: Interviews and Focus Groups (UW Global Health Program 1/29/2016)
    • Qualitative Methods Workshop: Coding and Data Analysis (UW Global Health Program 5/6/2016)
    • Use of Social Networks: A Recruitment Strategy for CTR (SNS) (Public Health Strategy training course -Seattle 05/2015)
    • Trans Health Epistemology NIH Research Grant (Alexis Dinno, Sc.D., M.P.H, M.E.M, 2014)
    • Trans Sexual Health Medical Anthropologic Research (IRB approved) (Charles Klein, PhD, Portland State, 2013 to 2015)
    • Qualitative Analysis, Grad Level (Paula Carder, PhD, Portland State, Win 2014)
    • Conflict Resolution, Liberation Paradigms, Systems of Dominance, Transforming Equities, Social Liberation Paradigms, Methodologies of the Oppressed, and Consensus. (TA and/or curriculum development, Aimee Clott, PhD, Portland State, 2011-14)
    • 20 hour Street Medic Certification (Rosehips, 11/2012)
    • Nonviolent Communication (2012)
    • Interpersonal Violence Advocate Certification (Portland Womens Crisis Line, Fall 2011)
    • Interpersonal Violence, Interventions in Violence and Sexual Assault (Women’s Studies, Portland State, 2011)
    • Co-counseling (Allies 2010)
    • Theatre of the Oppressed (The Living Awareness Institute, 2009)
    • Consensus-based facilitation (Free School/Olympia Food Co-op 2000)

Workshop Presenter:

Project Management/ Organizing/ Producing:

    • RAD Care is focused on ending health disparities for people with disabilities, people who are trans, queer, sex workers, drug users, people of color and any other marginalization that impact access to healthcare especially HIV and Hep C testing and treatment. My responsibilities include workshop facilitation, project management, nonprofit infrastructure development, coalition building, volunteer management, fundraising, grant writing, donor solicitation, communications (web development, marketing and public relations media, brand design), etc. (2014 to present)
    • Cog promotes artists with intersecting identities who identify as queer, trans, women, people with disabilities and people of color. My responsibilities include project management, nonprofit infrastructure development, coalition building, volunteer management, fundraising, grant writing, donor solicitation, communications (web development, marketing and public relations media, brand design), etc. (2004 to present)
    • National Trans Testing Day – Seattle, Youngstown (April 18th, 2018)
    • Rad Care Network Gathering, Allied Media Conference (June 15th, 2017)
    • Still Here, Velocity (Seattle, Jan 20th, 2017)
    • Queer Trans Clothing Exchange, Calamus Auditorium (Seattle, May 3, 2015)
    • Queer Artist Mixer, Calamus Auditorium (Seattle, May 16, 2015)
    • Portland Trans March Committee first march sponsored by Pride NW. (Portland, 2014)
    • Trans Action Committee: advocated the campus Health Center to provide trans healthcare. (QRC, Portland State, 2010-11)
    • Queer History educational weekly series utilized a student empowerment model. (Queer Resource Center, Portland State, 2011)
    • Kate Bornstein‘s Anti-Bullies Event: was responsible for everything from arranging with agent to promotions. (QRC, PSU 2011)
    • Keeping Portland Queer, Documentary on Portland Community Media (2009-2011)
    • Mobile Gay Mart: mobile arts and crafts shop showcasing the work of marginalized artists. (Cog, 2009-2011)
    • Trans Day of Remembrance: Featuring trans women of color as performers and keynote speakers. Pipeline article. Willamette Valley article.(QRC, PSU, 2010)
    • Various: Coming Out Week, Deescalation, Anti-racism/Anti-oppression, Coming Out Story, Queer Writing Careers, Mental Health for the Holidays, Theatre of the Oppressed. (QRC 2010-2011)
    • May Day Cirque Noir: performance about Immigrant & Workers Rights, and Beltane. (CoG 2010)
    • The CoG Factory: (6 month) gallery series of solo exhibits featuring emerging Trans & Queer artists. (CoG, PDX 2009)
    • Denial Of Self (4 week) theatrical production (on cultural narcissism) at the Interstate Cultural Center. (CoG, PDX 2008)
    • 321 Gallery: Group shows & open mics showcasing work by marginalized artists esp., Trans*, &/or Queer. (CoG, Seattle 2004-6)
    • Free School Workshops: Sustainability, natural building and Food Series with the Olympia Food Co-op (Olympia 2000-2002)
    • Earth Week: 20 speakers plus one daylong event featuring a keynote, band and over 30 local non-profits. (Spokane 1999)
    • Peaceful Valley Community Center Youth Art Classes, ongoing (Spokane 1996-2000)

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