Arts CV

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Smitty’s Artist Statement: I am a fractured grey amalgamation of identities that frames my artistic practice as a multimedia artist: film/video, circus and puppetry. The love of my life are two organizations, Conspiracy of Geniuses & Rad Care. I am infatuated with intersections and systems. Growing up in the rural old growth region of central Washington has had a huge impact on the art that I make. I hold being mixed indigenous mentally and physically disabled transsexual with pass privileges. Like a prism, I catch rays of light to illuminate insight into the spaces inside that shine back in return. Then this becomes my art.

**I haven’t updated this in two years. It is more of the same though. Just not as much due to health.


  • 2018/6/21: (Puppets) Princess MasterBlazers 206Q Pride Edition, Fred Wildlife Refugee, Seattle, WA
  • 2018/06/08 – 06/10: (Performance/Dance) #metoo & Ego in Four Parts (Excerpts from Most Popular Unpopular) NW New Works, On the Boards, Seattle, WA
  • 2018/04/20-21: (Puppets) Princess MasterBlazer, Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam 14, Theatre off Jackson, Seattle, WA
  • 2018/04/08(Burlesque) Puss N Boots, Sensual Solitude, Nude by Noon, Rendezvous, Seattle, WA
  • 2018/03/01-03/03: (Performance) I’m too tired for this Sh*t: a fatigue performance show
  • 2017/01/11: (Performance) 206 Q, Fred Wildlife Refugee, Seattle, WA
  • 2017/10/13-10/14: (Puppetry) Friday the 13th… Gone Wild! Fussy Puppet Slam, Theatre off Jackson, Seattle, WA
  • 2017/09/23: (Spoken Word) Resiliency, Youngstown, Seattle WA
  • 2017/09/16: (Spoken Word/Performance) No Industry Without Us! Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle, WA
  • 2017/03: (Puppetry) Sensual SolitudeFuzzy Puppet SlamTheatre off Jackson, Seattle, WA
  • 2016/11/03: (Performance Art/Dance/spoken Word), Super Cooper 10 at City Hall, Seattle, WA
  • 2016/06: (Spoken Word) Mosaic, Gay City, Seattle, WA
  • 2016/05: (Puppet/Drag) Grace Jones Tribute, Gay Uncle Show, Rendezvous02/2016: (Performance Art/Dance) Open Studio #20, On the Boards, Seattle, WA
  • 2015/11: (Spoken Word) Art AIDS America, a poet’s response at Tacoma Art Museum and at Gay City Calamus Auditorium, Seattle, WA
  • 2015/10: (Puppets) Fuzzy Puppet Slam, Theatre off Jackson, Seattle, WA
  • 2010-2015: (Puppets) Various shorts, Beady Eyes Puppet Slam, Portland OR
  • 2014/10: (Facilitated) Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop, National Harm Reduction Conference, Baltimore, MA
  • 2103/08: (Spoken Word/ Puppets) Trans*missions, Queer Social Club, Seattle WA
  • Silver Cloud Hotel-Seattle Broadway, Seattle WA
  • 2013/01: (Spoken Word/ Drag) Philadelphia, PA
  • 2012/08: (Aerial/Drag/Spoken Word/Puppets) Trans*missions, Queer Social Club,
  • Washington Hall, Seattle WA
  • 2012/03: (Puppets) Molly Bang Show, Mt.Tabor Theatre, Portland OR
  • 2011/10: (Spoken Word) Queer it Yourself, Seattle University, Seattle WA
  • 2011/09: (Aerial) The Big Dyke Show, Pidgeon Coop Productions, Theatre off Jackson, Seattle, WA
  • 2011/08: (Drag) Kings for a Cause III, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2011/07: (Drag) Summer Lovin Benefit Show, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2010/11: (Acrobatics) Hug Monsters, Trans Day of Remembrance, Portland, OR
  • 2010/11: (Spoken Word) Trans Empowerment Week, Portland, OR
  • 2010/10: (Clown/Acro) The Holy, Harrowing, Hellacious,’ H’ Halloween Show, Re-Bar, Seattle
  • 2010/09: (Acrobatics) Rose City Saloon, Portland OR
  • 2010/08: (Acrobatics) Kings for a Cause, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2010/05: (Acrobatics) Freakshow-go-go aka FAGG, Seattle WA
  • 2010/02: (Acrobatics) Fat Tuesday, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2010/01: (Clown/Acrobatics) Not All Clowns Are Bozos II, Theatre off Jackson, Seattle WA
  • 2009/12: (Acrobatics) Homo for the Holidays, Self-Produced, Switchyard Studios, Portland OR
  • 2009/09: (Acrobatics) SMYRC Grand Re-Opening Celebration, Portland OR
  • 2009/09: (Acrobatics) SuperQueer, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2009/08: (Acrobatics) Paint Your Art Out Benefit, Siren Nation, Portland OR
  • 2009/08: (Acrobatics) Gender Free For All March, Portland OR
  • 2009/07: (Acrobatics) Pride Performance, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2009/04: (Acrobatics) Gutz Out Fundraiser, In Other Words, Portland OR
  • 2009/02: (Puppets) Puppet Love, Tears of Joy, the Winningstad, Portland OR
  • 2009/02: (Acrobatics) The CoG Factory Grand Opening, Portland OR
  • 2009/01: (Puppets) Arabella, the Holocene, Portland OR
  • 2009/01: (Clown) Not All Clowns Are Bozos, Ear to the Ground, Theatre Off Jackson, Seattle WA
  • 2008/12: (Full run) Denial of Self, Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, Portland OR
  • 2005/07: (Featured Reader) Seattle Spit, the Wild Rose, Seattle WA
  • 2004/05: (Guest Performer) Dinosaur Patriarchy, the Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle WA
  • 2004/06/02: (Featured Reader) Seattle Spit, the Wild Rose, Seattle WA
  • 2003/08: (Guest Feature with Anna Bergman) Seattle Poetry Slam, Seattle WA
  • 2003/04: (Featured Reader) Seattle Spit, the Wild Rose, Seattle WA


  • 2018: smART grant, City of Seattle Arts & Culture
  • 2011: Portland Office of Sustainability Grant for CoG Mobile Craft Mart
  • 2009: RACC Professional Grant to travel to and attend the National Puppetry Festival
  • 2009: National Puppetry Festival (Atlanta, GA)
  • 2008: MCCC grant to produce full run of Denial of Self at IFCC
  • 2009-2014: Portland Community Media, Certified Field Producer
  • 2007-10: Do Jump, Partner Acrobatics with Stefan Furst & Aerial
  • 2007: Focus on Book Arts Conference, scholarship
  • 2005: The Evergreen State College:  Book Arts, Illustration, Physics, Women Studies, Printing making


  • 2018/06/21: (Group Show) 206 Q
  • 2018/01/11: (Group Show) 206 Q
  • 2017/06/10-8/8: Solo Exhibit at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Seattle, WA
  • 2016/11/03: (Group Show), Super Cooper 10 at City Hall, Seattle, WA
  • 2016/04: Intersections, Photography, graphic design storyboard, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival
  • 2015/11: Still Here, exhibit on intersectionality of being indigenous & trans (Gay City, Seattle, WA)
  • 2008-2014 (02/14): Love in Print, Curator: Shawn Demarest (Bite Studio, Portland, OR)
  • 2006-10:  CoG Mobile Mart, (Collective of Geniuses, Portland, OR)
  • 2010/06: Bike Love, Curator: Leah (Angst Studio, Portland, OR)
  • 2009/06: Group Show on Gender, (100th Monkey Studio, Portland OR)
  • 2009/04: Solos show, (Cup and Saucer, Portland OR)
  • 2009/02: the CoG Factory Opening, Curator (CoG Factory, Portland, OR)
  • 2006/04/01: 108, Group show, Curator: Jay Gordon (108 gallery, Seattle WA)
  • 2005/12/10: KraftHaus, Craft show (Seattle WA)
  • 2005/04/09: Behind the Counter Culture, (Mnemonic, 619 Western, Seattle WA)
  • 2005/07/08: Urban Fashion, Fashion Show Benefit (ArtWorks, Seattle, WA)
  • 2005/11/03: Deadly Fashion, Collaboration with the Foxglove Studio (619 Western, Seattle WA)
  • 2005/01/06: Disillustration: Group exhibition, “Pop art”, curator (321 Clubhouse, Seattle, WA)
  • 2004/12/02: Our Queer Family Portrait, Photography, curator (321 Clubhouse, WA)
  • 2002/09: An Artist’s Response to Wartime Activities: Group show (Bread & Roses, Olympia WA)
  • 2000/05/23: Dissonant Velocity: Group show (Spokane Falls Community College Gallery)

Video Media:


Installations and Activities:

  • Ongoing: Picture, Interactive installation, Street of Seattle and Portland
  • Ongoing: Pass it on…, Activity, postcard/ Sticker project
  • Ongoing: Confession is for the birds…, Activity
  • 2007/09: Chalk Activity, Interactive installation, Jackson Park, Downtown Portland
  • 2006/04: Toys vs. Commuters, Installation, Seattle Tram Station
  • 2000/09: You are what your food eats: an Installation