bald eagles (TAT Lab Prompt)

Prompt: This is an Ekphrasis poem, the prompt was related to exploring this framework Writing: i look up to see the bald eagle the sun lights the fire of my skin the wind absorbs my extra moisture i pull off my headphones and the music dissipates i hear all the noises around me but my …

joy (TAT Lab Prompt)

Prompt: My joy is _____. My joy looks like _____. My joy sounds like _____. My joy is always _____. My joy never _____. _____ gives me joy… This poem cannot be about _____. This poem has to be about _____. Even when _____, _____ reminds me of _____. Writing: skating skating with others wheels …

weathered (TAT Lab Prompt)

Prompt: picture of you or someone like you. what the colors? what are the shapes? what textures? what temperature? What emotion? what the colors? browns what are the shapes? Angels, organic what textures? grainy what temperature? warm What emotion? Pain, anger, ostracization, entitlement, dominance Celebrate the beauty of you and those that look like you. …


i started working on this piece for the Queeratine Anthology but then realized that i cannot use it for that which sucks because i like it. love sucks. scroll down for poem and audio ______________________________________________________   drift aka dry p2: wet i want to make you – wet i want to make you – cry …

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