weathered (TAT Lab Prompt)

Prompt: picture of you or someone like you. what the colors? what are the shapes? what textures? what temperature? What emotion? what the colors? browns what are the shapes? Angels, organic what textures? grainy what temperature? warm What emotion? Pain, anger, ostracization, entitlement, dominance Celebrate the beauty of you and those that look like you. …


i started working on this piece for the Queeratine Anthology but then realized that i cannot use it for that which sucks because i like it. love sucks. scroll down for poem and audio ______________________________________________________   drift aka dry p2: wet i want to make you – wet i want to make you – cry …

How do we (trans, bipoc, disabled etc) people get others to care about us?

This is a question i poised to a sociologist recently based off a conference workshop they had hosted. The funny part is that i am definitely not a sociologist. My BS research was in Medical Anthropology. Anthropologists are the archenemy of Sociologists. Maybe it was the ancestors that sent me to them so i could …

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