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undefined missing from Smittened by Smitty on Vimeo. This is a video of a live performance i did for the Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam on Oct 23rd, 2020. This is the videography i like the best but for funsies i am including a second take that i did. Do you … Continue Readingundefined missing

the inspiration

more writing i am over and done with and still like the cadence… the inspiration the inspiration was the crazy i mean the crazy was the inspiration the mess, from the mess came the art but it is all just a mess now i am alone in my mess all … Continue Readingthe inspiration


I usually let me feelings have time to bounce back from where i was at with a piece i have written. Then it burns less when a critic gets it. But i only wrote this 3-4 months ago. My feelings have definitely morphed though and i do like the cadence. … Continue ReadingHeartless