weathered (TAT Lab Prompt)


picture of you or someone like you.

what the colors?
what are the shapes?
what textures?
what temperature?
What emotion?

what the colors? browns
what are the shapes? Angels, organic
what textures? grainy
what temperature? warm
What emotion? Pain, anger, ostracization, entitlement, dominance

Celebrate the beauty of you and those that look like you.
Allow these details to influence the story you create of the image.

When I look at the picture, I see _________,
I see ______________ ,
I see ______________ ,

When I look at the picture, I hear ________,
I hear ______________ ,
I hear ______________ ,
When I look at the picture, I feel _________,
I feel ______________ ,
I feel ______________ ,

When I look at the picture, I am _________,
I am ______________ ,
I am ______________ ,


the edge is weathered, distorted
i am in the corner of the picture
my face resolve
i will not cry on my birthday
i will not ruin my facepaint
hand sewn ruffles adorn my neck
they lay at rest on top my hand sewn
clown costume
probably because i loved a horrible song about a bikini with pockadots
i am holding something in my hands but it is difficult to see
due to the warping
what is seen is the ruffles likely from a handsewn, knitted doll
from my gran’ma that was too look like me
even though I always resisted wearing dresses

the guest are looking at the board
the square angles take up most of the picture
in the center is a tailless donkey
my cousin stands poised
with the tail
his blond hair glistens
his face resolve in his dominance
yet still pouting that this party is not about him
the stripes on his shirt flow with the lines of the board
contrast to the where the light reflects off
the paper attached to the boardwalk
off my costume
off my facepaint
such a contrast to the
the sameness of the rest of the hue

the contrast of me
in the situation
the party
the celebration
of my birth

then a second look
is my resolve
my defiance
actually a question
a question to the person behind the camera
why are you doing this to me

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