bald eagles (TAT Lab Prompt)


This is an Ekphrasis poem, the prompt was related to exploring this framework


i look up to see the bald eagle
the sun lights the fire of my skin
the wind absorbs my extra moisture
i pull off my headphones and the music dissipates
i hear all the noises around me but my ears
tune into the heron calling from the salish
the tide is outlined.
i can smell the salt
and realize my mouth
is dry and i am thirsty
i hear my roller skates on the boardwalk
as i come to a stop
for a moment i am on awe,
again in love with where i call home
the sun is beginning to fracture
dancing rainbow across the sky
as i start to move on,
i see something else up in the trees
there are two, two bald eagles
majestic, royal

the first i had ever seen was in alaska has an awkward pre-teen
the bird commanded such presence
truly top chief
i come back to my body
realizing i am tired, dehydrated, hungry
so i skate back down this side of the point
to my bicycle
these freedoms are self-evident
these loves are mine
they take me to myself
this journey whose path is
hard to find

i reflect on words in this moment
yes i wish it were not a word but
i need to survive
i need to speak of survival
i need you to understand the places these wheels take me
that are not defined by
human physics
but how do i speak
when whenever i open my mouth i am told this is wrong
i am wrong
i am sorry i am wrong
but wtf am i todo
why won’t you give me solutions
instead of shame

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