you take nothing

song: you take nothing
musicians: ragana
what were you doing at midnight? you can hear the fireworks at midnight & watch me trying not to have a complete PTSD panic meltdown from them. i was “suppose” to be inside by midnight so i would feel more safe but was having too much fun skating and lost track of time. this is definitely not my best skate video or even the best one of that night but it felt emblematic to share. fwiw at this point i had fallen twice so hard that sober smitty has had to take a three day skating break.

i should do an outtake video bc they are often funny but honestly falling on cement hurts a lot more than wood or tennis court. i have lumps and no arnica. i did leave in my falls for this video but it only hurt because it was on my left knee and one of the bad falls was on it and the other was on my whole left side. Yeah that was the one that was hilarious. I have watched in slow motion trying to understand what happened. There is a greater slant than it appears here and i seem to often forget about how steep it is. i really need a skate buddy. i am going to kill myself.


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