How do we (trans, bipoc, disabled etc) people get others to care about us?

This is a question i poised to a sociologist recently based off a conference workshop they had hosted. The funny part is that i am definitely not a sociologist. My BS research was in Medical Anthropology. Anthropologists are the archenemy of Sociologists. Maybe it was the ancestors that sent me to them so i could be there in that moment because it seems that asking questions like this are essential to everything i study. Trans people are dying because no one cares about us. It is essential to our survival and idk anyone who has really looked at it this way. In general, in PH, the answer is to higher more social workers to gatekeep resources and essentially do nothing. Fund more research by cis people into our lives that gives nothing back and asks the same questions that every other research has already asked. None of this is caring about us. Not on a personal level nor on a community level. Believe me i have worked with a wide swath of these medical and public health types, maybe 5% actually care, maybe. In my personal life, outside of my blood family, i cannot bring to mind a cis person whom i feel actually cares about me as a person. All my friends are trans and are so busy just trying to survive to truly care about another person. It seems like a quandary that someone should have analyzed by now. Maybe that is the research question i need to go back to school for.

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