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Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam 3/10 & 3/11

The Piece: Sensual Solitude is our quest to find love for ourselves in a society  that makes our very existence illegal. Our search for a trans feminism  which embraces femme, sissy, women, gender nonconforming and anyone who  has ever identified or been assigned female and seeks justice and equity
 in our society for those disenfranchised.Wrriten by Smitty Buckler. Performed by Puss in Boots is a  mentally and physically Disabled Transgender Drag Circus Performer  proving that physical and mental ability do not define circus  performers. Pussy’s repertoire includes aerial, partner acrobatics,  puppetry and clown.

 The Show: After almost a year’s hiatus, Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam is back and chock full of brand new delicious puppet weirdness with Volume 12. A quirky cabaret by and for puppet loving grown-ups, Volume 12 features a variety of fascinating short works by puppeteers from all over the Pacific Northwest, including visiting artists from Portland and Canada. In addition, eight of the ten scheduled acts this time are world premieres! When: March 10 & 11 8pm Where: Theatre Off Jackson 409 7th Ave S Seattle, WA Tickets: $12 in advance Recommended for ages 18+ http://fussy12.brownpapertickets.com 

~ Artists Scheduled to Appear ~

  • DangerSwitch
  • David Gordon*
  • Samala Coffey of the Shenanigans Alliance
  • Sketchy Puppet Improv*
  • Smitty Buckler of Collective of Geniuses
  • Tim Guigni*
  • Trivia Puppet Company
  • Vancouver Puppet Theatre*
  • Vox Fabuli Puppets
  • Zoo Pack Puppets

indicates an artist new to Fussy Cloud

As ever, the evening will hosted by our beloved MC, The Effervescent, Ever-Present, and Amazingly Prescient Rebecca M Davis.

Nov 10th, 3:30-6pm at Seattle City Hall

I will be performing for this. Reading one of my recent works.

Facebook event page

Come celebrate Cooper Artist Housing & Youngstown Cultural Arts Center’s TEN super years of arts & culture in West Seattle, and beyond, with a rockin’ reception – NOVEMBER 10th at City Hall!!!

There’ll be Dance, Poetry, and Singing with light fare, and more.
Don’t mess around & miss it!

The November 1st to December 21st exhibition features AMAZING works by 20+ Cooper & Youngstown’s artists in both the upper and lower galleries at City Hall.

Sculpture, Photography, Paintings, Ink Spray – oh my!

Come. See. Be.


Sex for Everybody Part 1: Gender (The trans, nonbinary, bi, poly world-wind)

When: August 12, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Where: FSPC Studio, 1608 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119 USA
Cost: at the door: $25. Advance: $20 (Solo) $35 (Duo) and $55 (Trio)
Contact: 206-229-2185

SmittyBuckler-puppetsPart 1: Gender (The trans, nonbinary, bi, poly world-wind)

Maybe you have a crush and have never been with a trans person. Maybe you like to have all the sex but want to know more about STI prevention and transmission between your many gendered partners. Maybe you are bi-curious and want to explore your queerness more. We can talk about it.

Some subjects that might be included are body parts and language; STIs, HIV& HCV pathogenesis (how they are spread), explicit consent; feeling safe; self-care; support and solitude; rape culture; cocks (attached and detachable), strap-ons, trans lady clits and you; penetration or not; anal not just for gay men; enemas, lube and microbiomes; fetishization and transphobia. This will be a courageous space based in harm reduction. This means that this is a safe space where it is okay to make mistakes and for people to let you know that you have made a mistake. It is not okay to attend if you hold any Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF), views on sex and/or trans people.

This workshop will be a semi-structured, facilitated dialog with sexpert Smitty Buckler. In the past, Smitty has been  an HIV/STI tester and counselor, a domestic violence advocate, a trans resource coordinator, a facilitator and teacher, and an organizer among many other roles. They have spent the last several years doing comprehensive research on violence against trans people, especially those with intersecting identities and how that impacts safer sex and health decision making. They have worked extensively with various medical providers and sexperts across the country through various networks and conferences. Smitty is aligned and works with a variety of communities including those inclusive of drug users, sex workers, and people with disabilities. To learn more about the work they have done check out their about me page on their website: SmittyBuckler.com.

Purchase Advance Tickets Here.
Cost at the door: $25.
Advance: $20 (Solo) $30 (Solo +PIF donation) $35 (Duo) and $55 (Trio)
This workshop is eligible for Pay It Forward Scholarships. Please visit our website for information on applying for a partial or full scholarship to attend this workshop.

Open to all 18+
Attendance is limited to 30 people.
Workshop attendees receive a $5 off voucher for entry into the Transfusion party hosted by the CSPC that night.

This event is sponsored by the Center for Sex Positive Culture.