Most of my work can be found on my vimeo¬† or on archive. Here are a couple sample clips I have edited and/or performed in/created media for…

On The Boards 2016 Lab

Theatre Off Jackson, Fuzzy Puppet 2015

Tacoma Arts Museum, AIDS Art America, 2015

May Day Performance about Robin Hood fight for labor rights, collectively written, 2010

just don’t stop believing…

The following  I facilitated and wrote collectively with other performers. Stationed a camera for recording and edited this preview.

People are all excited about Oooo, they overlayed video on a person. I am like, please, I was doing that seven years ago. (Performer is NOT me. Videography is me.)

For this piece I did the video and sound overlay and also conception design. (Performer is NOT me. Videography is me.)