Smitty goes to LA for Gaga intensive

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Smitty has been accepted into an exclusive winter intensive with the dance company ate9 for ten days in December. Amazing opportunity! Smitty needs to first pay for the intensive which came to $735 total with fees. Smitty needs to get down there and back, approximately $500. Find a place to stay or likely need to rent an overpriced hostel while paying rent up in Seattle also, at least $1000. There is also the cost of transportation and food while in LA. Sadly the news of getting laid-off due to budget and job cuts came shortly after being accepted to this prestigious program and a little extra help is needed. First person to donate gets an extra special one of a kind surprise from me. The next seven people will get a pretty rad 1/7 surprise. … because seven ate9. lol.

Always something special for the folks who donate such as insider updates and sneak peaks on what i am working on and possible free/discount tickets to the show when i get back. And always that great feeling you get for knowing you have contributed to the success and well being of someone. I will also design and print a limit edition t-shirt and some buttons.

For folks who don’t know already, Smitty has been dancing since 2010. Performing since 2003, first a spoken word artist and in the last few years they have incorporated their spoken word into dance/movement pieces such as their piece #metoo which explores being a trans queer person existing parallel to the #metoo movement since that movement is not trans inclusive. Or their piece sensual solitude which explores puppetry and movement on top of spoken word and music composed also by smitty. In between they practice acrobatics with Stefan Furst and aerial of which many videos can be seen on their vimeo page. Smitty is currently in a Yoga Teacher Training with Poseurs, the only pay what you can ashram in Seattle and practices with the Heartcenter ashram which is one of only a few ashrams in Seattle started by a person of color and with predominantly poc practitioners. Smitty’s main dance instructors have been Isaiah Tillman and Dani Tirrell, both have a lyrical based street style. Smitty also draws from their ancestral cultures as well as their disabilities when composing their pieces.

More about the opportunity you would be supporting:

concentration 1- gaga When: Dec 12-14 from 1-6 pm
​What: Dive deep into Gaga principles and methodologies through class and research sessions along with Creation and Improvisation development using Gaga tools.
Who: Dancers of all levels interested in 3 days of intense movement and research. 

Concentration 2- ​training & performance When: Dec 16-18 from 1-6 pm
​What: Experience Danielle’s technique-oriented classes drawing from both Gaga and Ballet along with learning of highly physical Ate9 rep.
Who: Professional and pre-professional dancers.

| Concentration 3- choreography & composition When: Dec 20-22 from 1-6 pm
​What: Develop your vocabulary generation and explore the impact of structure and sound as you create for yourself and others in a demanding yet collaborative environment.
Who: Anyone interested with at least some previous choreographic experience.

The course was highly productive, and packed with value. It was physically and mentally rigorous, and simultaneously supportive. I recommend this intensive only to dancers who are prepared to do deep work.

-Testimonial from 2018 Ate9 Summer Intensive

Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam Volume 17

ONLY – SAT, NOV 23, 8:00 PM
*not performing on friday.
I will be performing Drunk Puppet History about the true thanksgiving and other myths.
  • Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 8 PM – 9:30 PM

    Theatre Off Jackson

    409 7th Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98104

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My interview on OTB in 2008

#2008 #bb #qt #flashback plz forgive some of my language, it was what we had in 2008. Also my bb voice, trying to talk about these complicated thing but leaving so much out. cn: #bigotsontheradio #misgendering #transphobia
Here is the rebroadcast with my two months later voice:

Oratio Imperata – World Premiere

For the On the Boards Performance Lab Teaser info scroll down.

Rad Care
Smitty Buckler


Rad Care Presents Oratio Imperata

[Seattle, WA] – Rad Care presents Oratio Imperata, a Podcast on as well as a ceremony and dance performance March 2nd and 3rd at the Rendezvous.

Rad Care in collaboration with Collective of Geniuses (CoG) and SWOP Seattle is proud to bring Oratio Imperata to Rendezvous on March 2nd and 3rd featuring Rev. Austin Adkinson invoking liturgical action beseeching an end to this calamity we are surviving, to end our grave need for our basic needs. Further dance invocation by Baphomet, Zee St.James, Smitty Buckler and more. This ceremony is a double featuring with the Art of Activism at the blank annual at the Seattle Area Sex Worker Symposium (SASS). Tickets to Oratio Imperata are $20 presale, $25 day of and the rest of SASS can be found at This event is 21+.


Rev. Austin Adkinson ( is a key leader in the United Methodist Queer Clergy Caucus, a member of the Pan-Eros United Methodist Queer Clergy Caucus, an educator with Consent Academy, a member of the Pan-Eros Foundation board, and the pastor of Haller Lake UMC in north Seattle. When not involved in this and other social justice work or nerding out on scripture that didn’t make it into the New Testament, they might be found taking a break by downhill skiing or snagging some introvert time.

Smitty Buckler is an amalgamation of grey area politicized identities. They express themselves through the intersections of being an artist, organizer, writer, performer, dancer, coder, researcher, healer, and advocate. They have been creating opportunities for qtpoc spectrum artists since 2005 through the Collective of Geniuses (CoG). CoG is now working to bridge the gap between art as social change and essential healing tools with a project called Rad Care. Enthusiasts of Smitty say among their other qualities, one is phlebotomizing the patriarchy of all its evil blood, replacing it with liquid glitter. This is apparent in their art and the fierceness they bring to intersectional activism.

Baphomet is new to the stage in this manifestation. They bring street realness in their sexy arrogant lyrical dance style influenced by Isaiah Tillman, ate9, and Dani Tirrell. Once you get a taste, you are going to want more so get tickets for both nights.

Zee St. James is an enby sex worker from Detroit who dabbles in community organizing. While they grew up in the performing arts, they took an abrupt hiatus a few years ago. Using movement for the purpose of trauma healing, they explore grief, disability, and gender drag of sex work.

Cory Cocktail is a performer and non-binary kink professional, international adventure consultant and that is all they are going to tell us so more of a surprise.


2/27 Performance at OtB

I will be labbing my dance work for

Performance Lab
Wed, Feb. 27 at 7pm

Since its founding On the Boards has hosted various performance series — Choreography Etc, 12 Min Max, and Open Studio — that allow local artists to share new works and works-in-progress. In the 18/19 Season we’re relaunching this program as the Performance Lab, a quarterly series that includes facilitated feedback for artists along with an opportunity for each artist to discuss their performance with the audience.

This edition of Performance Lab is curated by Charles Smith, OtB’s Director of Program Management, and features performances by:

Harmony Wolfe
Peter Kohring
Tommer Peterson
Smitty BucklerVenue: Studio Theater

100 W Roy St 
Seattle, WA 98119

Enter on W Roy St


I will be presenting at the WA HIV Conference.

Thursday & Friday, May 16 & 17

Spokane Convention Center

334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.

Spokane, WA 99201

The Conference is one of many actions being implemented as part of the End AIDS Washington strategy. The purpose of Conference is to provide HIV/AIDS serving providers and organizations with education, skill-based training andtechnical resources to offer innovative and sustainable HIV/AIDS services for their patients and clients that leads to decreased new infections, improved managed care and undetectable viral loads.

The conference includes speakers experienced in behavioral and mental health, HIV prevention and early intervention, PrEP, social-cultural diversity, equity and inclusion, gender identity, rural health, infrastructure development for high performing clinics, and substance use. Conference planning consists of a host of community organizations and agencies from across Washington State.

Harm Reduction Conference, New Position and more

As usual been to busy to even update here. Just got back from the Harm Reduction Conference in New Orleans. Really enjoyed the time i wasn’t sick. I think i accidentally ate some dairy and spent two days with anaphylactic symptoms. 🙁 I will get the traveling thing  down better.

While I was down there, sick, i was also trying to conclude the hiring process for two new jobs. One is at the Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) as the Community Advisory Board (CAB) Manager. I am looking forward to moving into this new role and seeing what i can accomplish while also finalizing my application to the MS in Epidemiology program at UW. This position means that i will be able to utilize the tuition waiver even after my research study position ends. I am forever going to be a student, hopefully i will have my PhD before i turn 50. The second job is for the overnight shelter at Bailey-Bouschay House which is a lower barrier HIV care facility.

Next I am off to Atlanta for a meeting of all the CFAR CAB Managers and administrative staff. I am nervous and excited. Also totally feeling the imposters syndrome.  I am looking forward to talking to folks about how they all run their CABs across turtle island. Before leaving though we are having a meeting for the DoH trans stigma grant. When I get back it is on to the Annual Seattle (A) Bookfair. Looking forward to December to crystallize a bit.

Before I get there I have a lot of work to get through including finishing up a couple grants, finishing up the interviews for the Project – Oratio, amplifying the voice of sex workers on the impacts of FOSTA/SESTA on their lived experience. We will be debuting these at the Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on Dec 17th (Partially funded by SmART grant) and create a theatrical production for International Sex Workers Rights Day in conjunction with SASS: Seattle Annual Sex Workers Symposium on march 2nd & 3rd at the Rendezvous in Bell Town, Seattle, WA.

Amazon Wish List

Amazon is totally a megalomaniac that has a monopoly on the market, blah blah blah. An aside: they have these nifty wish lists. As a starving artist, my list is of fun things that i probably cannot afford but would make me happy. Feel free to hook me up with any of this swag and make my day.

xoxo, smitz

link to my list:

June is Pride Month!!

I have been super busy and forgetting to update here. Most recently I had a performance for North West New Works where I performed an excerpt of The Most Popular Unpopular: Casting a spell to transmute physical pain and memory into motion to gain a cathartic sense of self and loss of identity.
Image of person sitting in a chair with hands cross on their knees next to a table lamp. There is a teal lighting overall.

On 4/20 I performed a piece for the 14th  Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam on nonviolent drug offenses and street economies. See that poster? I designed that! 🙂
Here is Princess MasterBlazer:

and here is the poster inline:

Poster for Puppet Slam, dark/black background with bubbles and puppets

More info soon about other Pride Month Shows!