Harm Reduction Conference, New Position and more

As usual been to busy to even update here. Just got back from the Harm Reduction Conference in New Orleans. Really enjoyed the time i wasn’t sick. I think i accidentally ate some dairy and spent two days with anaphylactic symptoms. 🙁 I will get the traveling thing  down better.

While I was down there, sick, i was also trying to conclude the hiring process for two new jobs. One is at the Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) as the Community Advisory Board (CAB) Manager. I am looking forward to moving into this new role and seeing what i can accomplish while also finalizing my application to the MS in Epidemiology program at UW. This position means that i will be able to utilize the tuition waiver even after my research study position ends. I am forever going to be a student, hopefully i will have my PhD before i turn 50. The second job is for the overnight shelter at Bailey-Bouschay House which is a lower barrier HIV care facility.

Next I am off to Atlanta for a meeting of all the CFAR CAB Managers and administrative staff. I am nervous and excited. Also totally feeling the imposters syndrome.  I am looking forward to talking to folks about how they all run their CABs across turtle island. Before leaving though we are having a meeting for the DoH trans stigma grant. When I get back it is on to the Annual Seattle (A) Bookfair. Looking forward to December to crystallize a bit.

Before I get there I have a lot of work to get through including finishing up a couple grants, finishing up the interviews for the Project – Oratio, amplifying the voice of sex workers on the impacts of FOSTA/SESTA on their lived experience. We will be debuting these at the Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on Dec 17th (Partially funded by SmART grant) and create a theatrical production for International Sex Workers Rights Day in conjunction with SASS: Seattle Annual Sex Workers Symposium on march 2nd & 3rd at the Rendezvous in Bell Town, Seattle, WA.

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